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What the hell just happened here?

For someone who didn’t just go over the fiscal cliff, I’m pretty disappointed with our House and Senate and president. Not surprised, but disappointed…if I can summarize out loud, to help organize my thoughts: Our elected leaders were faced with … Continue reading

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The fault is not in our stars

Congress is back in Washington—a warning that reminds me of the comment many years ago by then-mayor Jeff Friedman of Austin, Texas, who, when asked for his thoughts about the fact that the state legislature was coming back to town … Continue reading

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Just shut up and let me do the talking

It’s about damn time that the public reports about the private negotiations on the federal budget had some good news: Speaker Boehner and President Obama have gotten everyone else to leave the room! Since the election last month there’s been … Continue reading

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Here’s where your argument falls to the ground

I’m having trouble sorting out the competing arguments on this whole “fiscal cliff” thingy: either we’ve got to prevent going over it, or it’s OK to go over it a little, or it’s not really a cliff at all but … Continue reading

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