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The gentleman from Pearland yields…

…to the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist from The Washington Post, Tom Toles: Friday rant, Declaration of Incoherence edition Apparently now we not only hold SOME truths to be self-evident, but also just about ANY POSITION we happen to prefer. It’s pretty … Continue reading

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Should my feelings be hurt because my dog won’t poop for me?

No, it’s not a topic I’d have thought I’d ever contemplate, much less be addressing; but here we are.  It goes like this: This past January my wife and I (and our current dog Buffy, who I call Freakshow) adopted … Continue reading

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Lying numbers, the people who use them, the people who count

The trouble with reporting numbers in the news is that the people who provide the numbers have an agenda and the people who write the news don’t pay enough attention to what they’re being fed.  We have a great example … Continue reading

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Boss, and Ballyard—both gone

In March, in the days when the final slashes of the cranes were knocking down the last pieces of Yankee Stadium in that old cow pasture in the South Bronx, I wrote about my family’s history with the Big Ballyard. … Continue reading

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Pompous is funny—Fox News proves it

Talk about looking for excuse to pile on!  Fox News Channel found one and did, and Jon Stewart was there to skewer them. On last night’s The Daily Show Stewart used the coverage of a recent contretemps involving NASA (full … Continue reading

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