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The “Weird Al” for lovers of language

There is so much to like here: the lyric, the visual imagination, the beat…the fact that you don’t actually see “Weird Al” Yankovic during the performance (not if you blink).  Make all your illiterate friends watch and wisen up! Advertisements

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Heralding the Classic with a clash of the brass

Are you like me, are you looking forward to what ought to be a pretty good World Series between Boston and St. Louis starting tonight?  Of course you are.  And this may just be me not paying attention, but I’m … Continue reading

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This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time

This just popped up in my FeedDemon this morning, and it brought tears. Just like this kid, I’m a big Billy Joel fan and dreamed of playing with him; unlike this kid, I never had the balls to ask. Michael … Continue reading

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Things you do when your team has a bye week

First thing this morning I’m heartened to see the Leonard Pitts Jr. column from yesterday’s Miami Herald, and so what if he’s piling on Christine O’Donnell for not understanding the Constitution—the point can’t be made too often that our country … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, John Lennon

I’m glad to live in a world that can create John Lennon, and that we can still enjoy his music.  His talent for expressing himself was superb and it set him apart; and yet, it’s reassuring to learn that in … Continue reading

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