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Another reason Houston is better than Dallas:

Houston doesn’t run short of strippers.  Not ever.  And certainly not during Super Bowl week. Advertisements

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Bob in the Heights, you’re on the air

In the short happy life of HIPRB! nothing has generated more comments (and thank you all) than the discussion of political polarization and irresponsible news media reporting which arose from the Tucson shootings this month.  What most of you couldn’t … Continue reading

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Fox News hoisted with own petard (again)

For any of you who had to vote “hypocrite” in the last round, take some solace in knowing that your member of Congress, hypocrite though he/she may be, can’t hope to compete with the people of Fox News.  The best … Continue reading

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Hypocrite or Liar

For a lot of you those are the only choices available to characterize your U.S. representative for his/her vote yesterday on the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.  I am not one of you (this time), … Continue reading

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Weddings should be fun

…and this marriage got off on the right foot (in mouth): Couldn’t resist…I laughed until I stopped

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