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If you need a giggle, try Xinhua

Official government news agencies are not famous for their whimsy, particularly those whose mission is to convey all the warmth and humanity of a dictatorial regime.  Yet China’s Xinhua agency delivered the goods when it reported that Jeff Bezos had purchased The … Continue reading

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Maybe the guy in the tin foil hat was right

We should all be in line to take a whack at the idiots responsible for these completely avoidable exercises in governmental overreach and hubris.  All together now: what the hell were they thinking?  I can’t decide which is more disturbing: … Continue reading

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Congratulations, America

We did some good things out there in those little voting booths yesterday…most of us…but a hearty “good on ya” to everyone who took the trouble to participate in the process beyond just running their mouths (or their typing fingers).  … Continue reading

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Mitt: Did I say that out loud?

Years ago I was a political junkie, but I kicked it. Turned out it was pretty easy to get the political process monkey off my back when the campaign content and tactics got so distasteful that I couldn’t bear to … Continue reading

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with…

“Change is sure slow” I wrote last week; I was wrong, and couldn’t be more pleased about it. I wrote that in a post based on a New York Times story about the growing practice of government and campaign officials … Continue reading

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