Sometimes it takes a 20-year-old cartoon to remind a 58-year-old man about one of life’s little secrets


Thanks to Calvin and Hobbes and

Let’s make a path…

Calvin’s dad explains it all

Only a few more shopping days left…thank God.


Thanks, Calvin and Hobbes and

The mind of the blogger, revealed

Calvin writes

I really couldn’t think of anything, either…thanks, Calvin and Hobbes and

The Gospel According to Calvin and Hobbes

Lots of last-minute unavoidable changes made for an especially hectic day at work; I grow more and more fatigued of reading about the political impasse without any real promise of light at the end of the tunnel; they say this is the hottest start to a year since they started keeping records here 120 years ago; and then Bill Watterson reaches out from the past to hit the nail on the head.  Thanks, I needed that.