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Sgt. Schultz would have been proud

It was Daniel Patrick Moynihan who said (that I first heard) that while a person is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts.  The annoying trait among so many people lately–to accept as fact only that information which supports their beliefs, and to reflexively … Continue reading

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See, I was right all along

I am amused by human behavior.  At least, I am in those cases when I’m not gobsmacked, or just saddened and confused, by human behavior. Recently I was amused when a friend sent me a link to a story heralding … Continue reading

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more truth, more free

Who knew—now I can’t open a Web page without seeing something new on the topic of trying terrorists. First, an opinion piece arguing, among other things, that the families of September 11 victims would benefit emotionally from seeing Khalid Sheik … Continue reading

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…and the truth shall set you free

I’ve wondered why some people object to putting accused terrorists on trial in civilian courts; today, Houston attorney and Navy veteran Patrick McCann wonders the same thing and offers a thoughtful position on the value of such trials. My default … Continue reading

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