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The “no information” interview

sham (sham) n. [prob. < a N.Eng. dial. var. of shame] 1. formerly, a trick or fraud  2. a) an imitation that is meant to deceive; counterfeit  b) a hypocritical action, deceptive appearance, etc. (The Tiger Woods interviews on ESPN … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

If you’re a fan of Stevens & Pruett, or KLOL, or the good old days of Houston radio, do yourself a solid—read Laurie Kendrick’s post about S&P on 101.  I worked at the sister station KTRH when S&P came back … Continue reading

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10 acres, river view

Wondering about that picture in the banner up there?  (Of course you are.)  It’s the subway station at the Yankee Stadium stop. I was born less than three miles from the Big Ballyard: Union Hospital, 188th St. and Valentine Ave.  … Continue reading

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