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What was the point of this?

The photo caught my attention when I read the story in Friday’s Houston Chronicle—as it was meant to. Now, I get it that when you run a story about some people, you want some art.  But do you ask these people … Continue reading

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The future of journalism…yesterday

I stumbled across this yesterday and haven’t stopped giggling.  This is a real book, circa 1965: “The journalist enjoys good standing in his community. He is even likely to be held in awe.” “The story that a reporter worried and … Continue reading

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Don’t believe me? Listen to the faithful

Not to harp on this, but read today’s Maureen Dowd column: after a pointed observation about how the Roman Catholic Church treats its female members, her religiously devout and politically conservative brother eloquently makes the point I was trudging toward … Continue reading

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Now, can he take it out to the course?

I almost liked the guy, and started to feel a little sorry for him—see what a friendly, honest performance can do for you.  If Tiger Woods had done months ago what he did today at the Augusta National Golf Club, … Continue reading

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Desperation in a brown cassock

Please cue Mr. Welch: Have you no sense of decency, Father, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency? I was saying “no no no no” to myself by the time I finished the lead of today’s story—at … Continue reading

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