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Perspective colors perception: white = not-black = all colors combined

For those who believe that the news media puts on some spin when reporting stories: a satirical depiction of how different journalistic outlets might headline their report of an identical set of facts.  The category, from the good folks at … Continue reading

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Taking back our country…from Americans with whom we disagree: it’s the New American Way

We may all look at the same things, but it is the wise man or woman who really sees…in this case sees the hypocrisy so clearly, and explains it with such good humor that I imagine even the hypocrites so … Continue reading

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Dear Anita Perry,

I am surprised, I must say.  I’d have thought that after more than 30 years as the wife of a professional politician you wouldn’t be so sensitive to a little push-back.  But they are less deferential out in the rest … Continue reading

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This is harder on me than it is on you, even though you really wouldn’t think that’d be the case

If you’re employed somewhere you’ve probably seen the memo: the stilted and awkward announcement that one of your co-workers is about to become one of your former co-workers, thanks to the right-sizing of the organization.  It’s almost as if bosses get special … Continue reading

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And the loser is…

“The Playboy Club” for the first cancelled television series of the season!  Now really, just between us: was there really ever any doubt?  All you winners, please move in an orderly fashion to the payout window.

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