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Another day, another sad head-shaking giggle

The PGA Tour is here in the Houston area this week for the Shell Houston Open, which has become a pretty nice stop for the pros the week before the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. The Redstone Golf Club’s Tournament Course … Continue reading

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I’ll take severability for $600, Alex

The Supreme Court hears arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act during six hours of oral arguments spread over three days starting this coming Monday.  What’s all the hoohah about, you ask?  Can’t remember what caused the whole … Continue reading

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Just one question to answer today

Please, no pushing, you will all get a turn.  This dropped out of the electronic wind earlier this week; I can’t make out what conclusion this rigorous experiment returned, but I thought you’d like a chance to answer the lad’s … Continue reading

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We can’t all start thinking for ourselves, of course…but Wowie!

My my my: how rare and brave are the new owners of the Houston Astros, standing right up to all-powerful Major League Baseball and everything! After all, it’s so obviously clear that having Houston’s baseball players wear these shirts for two … Continue reading

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Where the outdoor fun is found, even if you play the course

I’d find this funny in any case, but as a golfer I find it humorous in the extreme, and a great example of why it’s important to keep a close tab on your punctuation. Today I found in the mail a … Continue reading

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