The ultimate local news promo

Are you like me: do you hate the local television news? The newscast that addresses you like you’re a four-year-old (“Take your umbrella to work…”) and aims at your emotions rather than your intellect (“Parents terrified by an outbreak of scuffed knees among kindergarteners…”), that buries the lead story (“Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years for $7 billion Ponzi scheme…”) whenever there’s heartwarming fluff to be dished out (“Woman saved from burning car by stranger weeks ago thinks he’s a good guy…”), the one that ignores the news of the world (“Euro zone economic crisis awaits Greek vote results…”) to spend precious minutes on pointless poofery (“We asked for your opinions on bunnies, and you Tweeted up a storm…”).

And have you always suspected that, deep inside, that those well-scrubbed, bubble-headed bleach blonde boys and girls are actually in on the shameful scam, that they know damn good and well what they and their cross-town colleagues are doing? Then you want to watch this: from the fine folks at WGN-TV in Chicago, the honest local news promo you’ve always wanted to see.

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