2 thoughts on “So, the GOP is rethinking how it can appeal to a wider range of voters…

  1. Ahhh – a day without Doonesbury is a grim day indeed! Read daily by yours truly since my teen years in the 70’s and its wit, insight, and relevance remain sharp as a kitchen knife.

    My favorite desperate tactic by the Republicans lately to regain their edge? Their sudden embrace of immigration reform after last fall’s presidential loss and revelatory polling/demographic numbers. This from the crowd that right up through Romney’s run was touting better fences (enforcement first!) and “self-deportation.” You go, Mitt!

    Oh, did we say that? What we meant was we love Mexican food, tip our housekeeper and lawn guys very generously around the Holidays, and you know, that Marco Rubio, he’s our kind of guy!

    As always, Bob in the Heights

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