This is a no-brainer…so it’s perfect for this blog

My Houston Astros kicked off their American League existence Sunday night with a big exciting win over the Texas Rangers, and Monday I thought I should write something nice for the blog about the entire event. You see how far I got with that.

Tuesday night my Houston Astros nearly got perfect-gamed for the second time in less than a year, just the kind of thing that the doomsayers who’ve predicted a third 100+ loss season for the Astros needed to be able to say “I told you so.” Yeah, well, you didn’t count on Marwin Gonzalez, did you? (Yes, Marwin Gonzalez. I know.)

This morning I found a post on Awful Announcing that combines the comfort and excitement of Opening Day with the sense of disorientation that we Astros fans are working through as we get acquainted with our new team and league: major league players performing bits of “Who’s on First?

And that made me think, I want to see the original in all it’s glory…and I’m betting, so do you!

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5 Responses to This is a no-brainer…so it’s perfect for this blog

  1. Here’s hoping that the Astros have a reasonably successful premier season in the American League. Remember, “Ignore the Noise”

  2. IzaakMak says:

    With March Madness yet to be decided and the NBA playoffs having not even begun, I’m not sure I’m ready to get all worked up over Baseball yet. But I’ll watch Abbott and Costello doing their “Who’s on First?” routine pretty much any time my friend!!! 😀

  3. Red Eisenfingerz says:

    The most enduring memory from my mid-summer visit to Cooperstown several years ago (aside from Al Kaline’s plaque – his first round election remains the best argument for the DH) is that the largest crowd that afternoon was the multi-generational gaggle gathered around the “Who’s on First?” video display off in a second floor corner, on an endless loop. My lips still curl in a smile. Hey, thanks!

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