This just in: Arizona governor vetoes “religious freedom” bill

Good for Gov. Jan Brewer, for taking a stand against hate and discrimination.  Nobody over the age of reason is falling for this “religious freedom” argument.  It’s a sign—a good sign—that the extremists see the writing on the wall, and are getting more desperate.

Hell, even a judge in Texas has struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage!  What more evidence do you need that things really are changing…

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2 Responses to This just in: Arizona governor vetoes “religious freedom” bill

  1. dickerin says:

    All the Taliban is doing is exercising their religious rights.

    • Pat Ryan says:

      Today I read a piece in which they argue that the best way to dissuade people from this nonsense is not to focus on Christians, but to make the argument focusing on Muslims: If this law passes, a Muslim cabdriver could refuse to transport someone carrying alcohol, or a women traveling alone, or some such, because it violates the cab driver’s religious freedom. That shuts ’em up pretty quick.

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