What I did eight years ago today

Today the high temperature in Houston was 81; it nearly broke a record for this date, unlike what happened here eight years ago today.  I remember what happened back then because I wrote about it, on my brand new little bitty blog…and it was the last post I made on the original host before I moved over here to WordPress.  I can see why I didn’t play golf that day; I just can’t remember why I wasn’t at work???

What I did today instead of play golf…

It snowed here today!

snow Dec 4 007

Them what knows say it’s the earliest in the season it’s ever snowed in Houston, and the first time it’s ever snowed here two winters in a row.  I believe that: it’s probably snowed fewer than a dozen times in the more than 40 years I’ve lived here.

snow Dec 4 009

The TV news freaked out, of course, although credit where credit is due: this snowfall was forecast five days ago, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise.  But you know there’s always someone who didn’t get the message.


What happened to our global warming?

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