In which the President of the United States makes plain that he really doesn’t get it

Wait, what?

It’s not the “Ukraine” part that makes it an impeachable offense, you know.

I’ll set the over/under at two on the number of Republican members of Congress who by the end of the weekend will finally wake up, ask “what died in here?” and bravely come out in favor of the impeachment investigation. Baby steps.

4 thoughts on “In which the President of the United States makes plain that he really doesn’t get it

  1. Trump Shoots, Kills Two (Nov. 18, 2019) — President Trump today drew a handgun from beneath his tie and fatally wounded two unidentified protesters on New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Trump was then heard to say, “See? Watch what doesn’t happen!” The incident was captured live on CNN. Reaction was swift from both sides of the aisle, with Democrats calling for Trump’s immediate arrest, and Republicans in Congress blaming CNN for broadcasting the incident. Vice-President Mike Pence supported the president’s actions, adding “Of course, I was unaware of the plan, but have no doubt that Mr. Trump’s motives are nothing but noble and in the best interest of this great country.” Fox News host Sean Hannity called the shooting “Fake news!” Hannity refused to accept that the shootings actually happened, instead blaming “antifa” actors hired by Congressman Adam Schiff (D), and Alec Baldwin for staging the event. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, was said to be traveling to Ukraine on a fact-finding mission for the president and, for once, unavailable for comment. But Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in the 2016 Presidential election, said, “Hey! I was here in the house with Bill and lots of other people. My a&% is covered!”

    1. Sure, fabricate a story and then pretend outrage. That’s what Schiff did on the podium with his “parody” and it is what the NYT does everyday.

      You[r] attempt at humor (one hopes!) merely highlights what’s wrong with the media today.

      1. It was clear from his wording, “in essence,” what Schiff was doing. Sorry if it wasn’t more obvious to you.

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