One small step

Because I believe our current president has a tenuous, hit-and-miss relationship (at best) with truth, I tend to just shake my head when he opens his piehole or his Tweeting machine: there’s no reason to think any of it is accurate or honest, and it shouldn’t be taken seriously (or literally)…by anyone.  But his current delusional outburst about the Philadelphia Eagles’ visit to the White House should not go unrefuted; one of the best responses I’ve seen was Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins today on Twitter.

De8Zs7_UYAAMD5AMaintaining a functioning civil society takes work from all of us, starting with just calling bullshit when appropriate.  It really is the least we can do.  (And never let it be said that I didn’t do the least I could do ~~ Hawkeye Pierce)

It’s about the feeling you get after waiting so long for something good to happen

It’s about finally having the team you cheer for look like it can actually have a good year

It’s about a team of good guys that hasn’t given up all year despite the injuries of top players

It’s about an uncharacteristic and thrilling game-winning touchdown drive with no timeouts in the last two and a half minutes

It’s about winning it with a rookie third-string quarterback in charge

It’s about seeing his parents cheering him on while banished to the last row in the far-from-filled stadium of the cheapest-ass team in the league

It’s about the first time making the playoffs after years of miserable performances

It’s about the first division championship in your team’s ten-year history

It’s about the feeling you get after waiting so long for something good to happen

Today, it’s about being a fan of the 10-3 Houston Texans, your NFL AFC South Division Champions!


Kevin Walter with the winning catch


DeMeco Ryans carries Danieal Manning off the field as AFC South Division champs

Photos thanks to Houston Chronicle

How about that!


It was shaky until the end, but they did it: Congratulations to your-no-longer-just-a-.500-mess The Houston Texans!