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You wouldn’t mind if we just arrested you a little bit, would you, since you look like you might hate America?

Did you ever run across something that’s so bizarre, so out there, so freakin’ weird, that you think you must have heard it or read it wrong?  I did recently, when I read the story that the Congress of These … Continue reading

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The war (that never should have been fought) is over

OK, I’d really like to put aside for a minute the ideological arguments about the beginning of the U.S. war in Iraq, in order to focus on good news: the war is over. Brave young Americans who have sworn to … Continue reading

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It’s about the feeling you get after waiting so long for something good to happen

It’s about finally having the team you cheer for look like it can actually have a good year It’s about a team of good guys that hasn’t given up all year despite the injuries of top players It’s about an … Continue reading

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The surest sign of the season: the return of the War on Christmas on Fox News Channel

Those first few strands of garland on the shopping center signpost the week before Halloween could be innocent enough, and the early signs that the local nursery is saving space for a lot of trees can be misleading.  But there’s … Continue reading

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