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It’s OK to be away from the blog for a few days

You’re busy at work, and then there’s a holiday…and besides, after all the recent hubbub you just want some time not to think about things too much for a while.  The next thing you know you haven’t posted to your … Continue reading

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Support gay marriage or the homos will marry your girlfriends

Sitting at home on a cold weekday afternoon while the plumber worked away in our master bathroom, I went bopping around the Inter-Webs looking for something fun—at Upworthy I found this video which they found at Mediate but which originally … Continue reading

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Congratulations, America

We did some good things out there in those little voting booths yesterday…most of us…but a hearty “good on ya” to everyone who took the trouble to participate in the process beyond just running their mouths (or their typing fingers).  … Continue reading

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Time to take the long view

In less than a day we’ll either know which candidate has won the election for president or we’ll be standing by at the starting gate to cheer the lawyers as they rush for the courthouse to file suits protesting the … Continue reading

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