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The nice folks at Bic must be Republicans

You know, the kind of Republicans who have a certain view of the role of women in a modern society and strong feelings about appropriate ladylike behavior, and in the case of Bic, even about what pen a lady should … Continue reading

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For me, there’s really only one choice

Four nights of debates, finally over; I slouched in my comfy recliner with a determination to listen to what was said rather than make clever refutations or point out logical missteps (I was mostly successful) because I wanted to hear … Continue reading

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Endeavour, End of Mission

By turns, this video is remarkable, unbelievable, inspiring, comical, and by the end very very sad, as the object of our attention first comes face to face with its new home, something that looks for all the world like a gigantic aluminum garden … Continue reading

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You’ll never see the debates the same way ever again

…after you have a look at this from Bad Lip Reading: “Eye of the Sparrow” indeed–hilarious!

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It’s still the economy, stupid

Any system that tries to make candidates for public office come together in one place to talk about what they intend to do if elected is a positive for civic discourse. This week the two major party candidates for president … Continue reading

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