Support gay marriage or the homos will marry your girlfriends

Sitting at home on a cold weekday afternoon while the plumber worked away in our master bathroom, I went bopping around the Inter-Webs looking for something fun—at Upworthy I found this video which they found at Mediate but which originally came from College Humor.  Click the pic to see an inspired argument for why it is in the self-interest of all straight young men that they support legalizing same-sex marriage!


“We’re doing you a huge solid by being more attracted to each other than to your girlfriends, but if you stay closed-minded about this we will take one for the team and marry the crap out of them.  So don’t make us marry your girlfriends; support gay marriage.”

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4 Responses to Support gay marriage or the homos will marry your girlfriends

  1. 2010claudia says:

    This is great! Since NC went back to a red state after I moved away, I will send this link to a few Carolinians.

  2. IzaakMak says:

    That’s hilarious! 😀

  3. anjiknut says:

    I loved this. My daughter had to travel to the US for the first time and it was one of her gay friends who accompanied her. He’s gorgeous and we knew that she was 100% safe with him.

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