Here’s where your argument falls to the ground

I’m having trouble sorting out the competing arguments on this whole “fiscal cliff” thingy: either we’ve got to prevent going over it, or it’s OK to go over it a little, or it’s not really a cliff at all but more like a slope; and if the far right criticizes Speaker Boehner’s plan and so does the president, does that mean the far right agrees with the president?

You may suffer from the same problem: from time to time and no matter the topic, there are those days when each argument advanced sounds pretty good, but then someone else opens up their piehole and I don’t know what to think anymore except that maybe I am too stupid to live. How, my friends, how are we to sort out the good from the bad, the sound from the unsound, the wheat from the chaff…the flotsam from the jetsam, the Hatfields from the McCoys? How indeed!

With thanks for the tip to the fine folks at, behold the world’s handiest tool for cutting through the crap: an interactive website which “offers definitions and examples of the most common logical fallacies plaguing our debates today.”


AND, they’ve got free posters available for download—looks like the perfect stocking stuffer, and such a thoughtful gift at this special time of year.