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Watch Cosmos, be less dumb

I wouldn’t be much of a television professional if I didn’t watch a lot of TV, have an opinion on all of it, and insist on sharing that opinion even when you don’t ask.  But I do; I do; and … Continue reading

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The ACLU explains why even non-terrorists should care about NSA spying on Americans

Since the news broke last month about the domestic spying programs laid out in the secret documents Edward Snowden leaked I’ve tried to make the case why all of us should be angry that our government is spying on us. Some have … Continue reading

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Support gay marriage or the homos will marry your girlfriends

Sitting at home on a cold weekday afternoon while the plumber worked away in our master bathroom, I went bopping around the Inter-Webs looking for something fun—at Upworthy I found this video which they found at Mediate but which originally … Continue reading

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“American Taliban”

From time to time I find something I think is worth recommending that other people check out; I found such a thing last week. This is about politics; this is about the people I’ve accused of hijacking the Republican Party … Continue reading

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Hey mister—look over here!

Recently I stumbled on a relatively new Website that grabbed my attention by being different.  It’s called Upworthy, and it bills itself as a social media site with a mission “to help people find important content that is as fun … Continue reading

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