Recommended reading

If you’re a fan of Stevens & Pruett, or KLOL, or the good old days of Houston radio, do yourself a solid—read Laurie Kendrick’s post about S&P on 101. 

I worked at the sister station KTRH when S&P came back to Houston, and I was a Hudson & Harrigan fan as a kid.  I tell you, she nails it…of course, she was there, and one of the pieces that made that whole so much fun to listen to.  Be sure to check the comments, too, to hear from some of those mentioned.

And if you’re just a fan of good writing, read Laurie’s blog any day…it’s on my blogroll for a reason.

One thought on “Recommended reading

  1. Thank you for the link and the uber kind things you said about the post and my blog in general, Mr. Ryan. I am touched…and yes, I’ve called the cops.

    Seriously, gracias a lot.

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