Go Army! (Navy, Air Force and Marines, too!)

If you can hear me over the complaining about the “insensitivity” of the plan to build a Muslim community center—including room for religious observance—two and a half blocks from the hallowed ground of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, listen to this: one way the Defense Department responded to the attack on the Pentagon that same day was to build a chapel for religious observance by all faiths—including Muslims, every single day—at the exact spot on that hallowed ground where the hijacked airliner smashed into the building!

Army spokesman George Wright said he is unaware of any complaints about the Muslim services from either 9/11 families or anyone in the building.

(That’s all…talk amongst yourselves.)

2 thoughts on “Go Army! (Navy, Air Force and Marines, too!)

  1. You have written articles, or linked to articles, that succinctly summarize first the rhetorical farce of the non-existent “mosque” and second the reasons to support renovating an empty building on the fomer Burlington Coat Factory site. If there is ever a true discussion, as advocated by former-Governor Dean or by you when you concede that some opposing arguments bear some merit, I would like to add two thoughts to those who believe that this case involves crossing an immutable threshold and a desecration of hallowed ground.

    First, there can be no more hallowed ground than Pearl Harbor. Yet, a significant number of the actual veterans attacked on that infamous day met their attackers on the site. I fully understand those veterans who could not embrace their Japenese attackers, but many of the real veterans who suffered life-changing injuries and lost cherished friends stiill met their attackers. If the veterans of Pearl Harbor can have the courage to meet their attackers on hallowed ground, then that is object lesson to follow. On almost every level, Pearl Harbor and renovating an empty building (even if did involve a mosque) in New York have nothing in common. The veterans of Pearl Harbor have provided a brillant light to guide us through the fog.

    Second, we should all re-read the Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln. We do not consecrate any hallowed ground. It has already been consecrated far beyong our feeble power to add or detract. These words still resonate. measure, soothe and guide us.

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